green heart bag tags

    green heart bag tags

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    Apple Green Hearts Bag Luggage Tag Set of 2

    Apple Green Hearts Luggage or Bag Tags.  These are perfect for your luggage, brief case, computer bag or your child's school bags, lunch boxes, gym bags and more, the possibilities are endless. These come with a coordinating ribbon to tie the tag to your belongings
    ( as shown on the bottom photo )  For boys we send a clear plastic loop.
    2 Tags per Set
    Your name is printed on one side and your name, address, phone and email is  printed on the other side.
    Giving these as a gift and don't know all the important information for the back of the tag, no problem, we will leave it blank for them to write it in themselves.
    Font colors and styles cannot be altered.
    We also have matching note cards, response cards and note sheets as well as pens, tumblers, travel mugs and iPhone 4/4s cases.  Put them all together for one fantastic gift.  Visit Paparte
    These Luggage bag tags are in stock and will print and ship within 24 hours of placing your order.

    Name for front of tag

    Name for back of tag

    Street address for back of tag

    City, State and Zip
    City, State and Zip for back of tag

    Phone number
    Phone number for back of tag

    Email address
    Email address for back of tag

    Base Price: $9.99
    Customized Price: $9.99